Poverty Relief for the Ultra Poor (UPLift)


Based on our earlier Agriculture programme which ran from 2003-9, UPLift is a targeted program designed to assist marginalized communities on the Thai/Burmese border that lack food security, opportunities for income, and education. Through the use of small grants and skills trainings, these families receive the opportunity to pull themselves out of poverty without having to rely on external aid indefinitely. Current projects include vegetable growing and pig-raising. Continue reading

Montessori Preschool Literacy Project for refugees and minority children


Khom Loy’s early childhood intervention trains kindergarten teachers in exciting and interactive programs (based on Montessori methods) which help the children learn Thai, and learn to learn. Since starting the programme in 2004, we have converted 70 school rooms and trained over 200 staff prepare non-Thai speaking children to help assimilation into Thai society. Since 2015, we have started work in Mawlamyine, 250km SE of Yangon, Myanmar, where we have converted two schools and are planning to convert another four starting in May 2017. Continue reading

Izara Arts Fair Trade/Handicraft income generation


Since 2004, our Izara Arts project has brought work remote producer groups in Thailand and Burma through the design and sale of striking handicraft products combining elements from different cultures in a single product. We sell these products through hotels and stores in Thailand and abroad, and through our website. Continue reading

Project Inspire


In 2011, Khom Loy, together with its partner organisation Room to Grow Foundation, won a US$10,000 award to create a programme of financial training and income generation for a group of migrant families living on a landfill site t Mae Sot, close to the Thai/Burma border. Continue reading